Level Up, Get Paid

Level Up at HighRoller

Play. Level up. Get spins.

At HighRoller, wagering pays off. Our Level Up system is especially tailored for HighRollers.. Every spin you play counts. Level Up and get spins on a game you actually prefer, with a value you actually deserve.

How does leveling up work?

Every time you hit the spin button at any slot on HighRoller, you’ll see the bar around the club in the left-hand menu gradually fill up. Once you’ve filled the bar completely, you level up. Every. Spin. Counts.

Once you’ve levelled up, you’ll get a Level Up reward. You can access that reward by clicking the avatar, or later by heading to your “Rewards” section. The HighRoller Level Up system is a personalized rewards system, meaning you will get free spins on a slot you actually play, with a value you deserve. After all, how tilting is it when you play for €5 a spin and get some 10 cent spins on a random slot? That's not how we roll.

Can I get other stuff than spins?

You get spins for leveling up. From time to time, we will definitely offer you other types of rewards, but for leveling up - you get free spins.

Terms and conditions:

  • Level Up Free Spins are subject to a 30x wagering requirement.
  • Level Up Free Spins are valid for 24 hours after you open the reward.
  • Free Spins spins do not count towards levelling up.
  • Live Casino games, table games and video poker are excluded from the HighRoller Level Up system..